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Find a qualified psychotherapist near you with My Health Assistant. Psychotherapists can help you to build a better understanding of yourself, manage your experience with mental health conditions, and equip you with the skills to improve your life. If you’re struggling and want the support of a professional, browse options in your area and take the first step towards a solution.

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What you need to know about psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is the name given to a range of different talking therapies that are designed to help people understand and control mental health problems and emotional difficulties. It revolves around discussion-based sessions where a psychotherapist works with individuals, couples, families, or groups.

In these sessions, the psychotherapist will lead conversations that revolve around the challenges or issues the people they’re working with are facing. Those challenges may include mental health conditions like anxiety or depression, trauma from childhood or a recent event, or even general emotional unrest. 

The psychotherapist’s role is not to fix the problems being presented to them, but to talk through them to help the person they’re working with better understand what they’re dealing with and how to tackle it themselves. There are different forms of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy and interpersonal therapy, each one approaching this objective in a different style. 

There are some similarities between most psychotherapists’ approaches, however, including that they will work in regular sessions, will spend the first session learning more about you, and will exercise the utmost confidentiality.

Unlike practitioners of some other talking therapies, such as counselling, psychotherapists are required to be formally qualified and accredited to practice. Their training usually takes four years, combining study with placements in a clinical setting. After earning a qualification, accreditation is awarded by a body such as the UK Council for Psychotherapy or the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Whatever it is you’re looking for support dealing with, from recognised mental health conditions to a general emotional issue, searching "psychotherapist near me" and finding a psychotherapist can help you to move through it. Find a professional psychotherapist near you with My Health Assistant, and get the help you’re looking for.