Frequently asked questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Most certainly not! We offer fair & transparent subscription options with no tie-ins, meaning you can cancel at any time.
What's more, we don't charge any commission on the bookings made through our system, so you keep 100% of what you earn through us.

I offer multiple services, can I list them all on the same profile?

Absolutely! You can add as many or as few services/specialties as you wish. These can all be added under the one profile unless you specifically want to list them separately, for example if you have multiple businesses.

Can I list my prices online?

Yes, we encourage you to! You can list your prices in different ways... either as an exact price, a price range or 'starting from' price.

I have forgotten my password

No problem - just head to the log in page and follow the link to reset it.

When I try to log into the app, it says I don’t have the correct permissions.

Have you downloaded the correct app?

If you are searching for health/wellness professionals to enquire or book their services, the app you need to download is My Health Assistant.

If you are a health/wellness professional currently listed with us, the app you need to download is called MyHA Professionals.