Frequently asked questions

What types of healthcare services can I find through My Health Assistant?

My Health Assistant (MyHA) is your comprehensive directory for health & wellbeing services, providing access to a wide array of healthcare professionals across the UK. You can find doctors, therapists, nutritionists, podiatrists, and many other specialists. Our platform makes it easy to connect with qualified practitioners tailored to your specific health needs, ensuring you find the right care quickly and effortlessly. Explore a world of health options all in one place.

Do I need private health insurance or a GP referral to access treatments through My Health Assistant?

You do not need private health insurance or a GP referral to use our services. Many of our professionals are health insurer approved, but you can also self-refer and choose to 'pay as you go.' This flexibility allows you to access necessary treatments and services directly, without costly monthly insurance premiums. Our aim is to provide a more accessible and affordable approach to private healthcare for all.

How can I be sure about the reliability and qualifications of professionals listed on My Health Assistant?

We prioritise your peace of mind by ensuring that all professionals listed with a 'MyHA Verified' banner have undergone thorough checks. This verification process includes confirming their qualifications, ensuring they have the necessary insurance, accreditations and more. This rigorous vetting is part of our commitment to connect you only with credible and trustworthy healthcare professionals, so you can choose your care with confidence.

How does My Health Assistant protect my privacy when I connect with professionals?

My Health Assistant ensures your privacy is protected. You don't need to register or create an account to browse professional profiles or send enquiries. This means you can search for and connect with healthcare professionals without any concern about receiving unwanted marketing emails from us. We make it easy and stress-free to access the healthcare services you need, while keeping your personal information private.

What should I do if I have a specific health condition and need specialist care?

Our platform categorises healthcare professionals by their specialty areas. You can search for specialists who focus on specific health conditions, ensuring that you find someone with the expertise needed to address your particular health needs.

Can I see reviews or ratings for the healthcare professionals listed on My Health Assistant?

Yes, My Health Assistant displays reviews and ratings from other users at the bottom of the professional's profile, where these have been provided. This feature helps you make an informed decision based on the experiences of others.

Is there a way to contact the healthcare professional directly through My Health Assistant before booking an appointment?

Absolutely, our platform allows you to contact healthcare professionals directly through their profiles. You can ask questions and discuss your needs before booking an appointment to ensure they are the right fit for you

How do I know if the professionals listed on My Health Assistant are near my location?

My Health Assistant provides a location-based search feature that allows you to find healthcare professionals near you. Simply enter your postcode or city on our platform to see a list of available services and specialists in your area.

Can I pay for my appointments online, and what are the payment options available?

Most health and wellness professionals listed on My Health Assistant allow direct bookings, where you can choose the appointment date and time that suits you. Many professionals support online payments, enabling you to pay for your session via the platform. However, payment options can vary; some professionals may accept upfront payment, bank transfers, or require payment at the session, depending on their preferred methods. Additionally, a few may prefer to discuss the appointment details with you first before confirming, in which case online payment might not be available immediately. Always check the professional's profile for specific payment options available.

How do I reset my password?

Easy peasy - just head to the log in page and follow the link to reset it.

I can't log into the app.

When encountering a 'permissions' issue, please ensure you have downloaded the correct app. If you're seeking health or wellness professionals' services, the app you require is 'My Health Assistant.' On the other hand, if you're a health or wellness professional listed on our platform, the relevant app to download is 'MyHA Professionals'.