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Find a personal trainer near you with My Health Assistant for tailored support reaching your fitness goals. Offering a range of services, from fitness assessments to bespoke exercise programmes, a personal trainer can help you to lead a healthier life and keep you motivated on your fitness journey. Search for a professional in your area and get started.

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Some of Our Professionals In the UK

Tamir Grant | T. Grant Well:Being

Nutritionist | Osteopathy | Personal Training

Overall Score: 0.0

14 years experience

Theologia Jung | Leah Jung Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy | Personal Training | Pilates | Sports & Fitness

Overall Score: 0.0

3 years experience

Gary Mendoza | Stages of Change Ltd

Nutritionist | Personal Training

Overall Score: 0.0

25 years experience

What you need to know about personal trainers


Personal trainers are professional fitness experts who are there to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals. They typically apply their knowledge and experience in tailored one-to-one training programmes over a set period of time, providing advice, guidance, and practical support in the areas of exercise and diet.

Although not required to be registered with a specific association or board, personal trainers will often be qualified in a relevant subject and may have a career background in sports, science, or another related area. And while some will be generalists able to adapt their support to suit any need, there are also specialist personal trainers who will focus on specific elements of a health plan, such as strength training, cardiovascular fitness, or losing weight.

Because they’re working directly with you, personal trainers can adapt to your specific needs better than other professionals like fitness class instructors. When you decide to work with a personal trainer, they’ll typically begin by using a fitness assessment or diagnostic session to get an idea of your overall level of health and fitness. They’ll also ask questions about your goals, so they can create a bespoke programme that helps you reach them.

From there, you can choose how regularly to see your personal trainer, usually once or more a week, and start to work towards your aims through workouts and following a diet plan. 

They’re not only used by people who are trying to improve their general fitness, though – personal trainers can also be helpful when you need physical therapy or rehabilitation services to recover from an injury.

Whatever your fitness goals are, if you’re searching "personal trainers near me" to help you reach your goals, find the right professional with My Health Assistant.