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Find a mobile hairdresser near you for cutting, colouring, perming, blow-drying, styling, and more at home. Whether you’re tired of travelling to a salon or you’re looking for more choice over who does your hair, searching for a mobile hairdresser in your area is made easy with My Health Assistant.

What you need to know about mobile hairdressing


Mobile hairdressers are hairdressing professionals, often qualified, who work outside of the typical setting of hair salons. They will usually provide an at-home service, catering for all of the people who want to receive high-quality hairdressing without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Choosing a mobile hairdresser also gives you far more choice than visiting a salon, providing you with the opportunity to find someone who suits you perfectly.

Professional mobile hairdressers are just like their salon-working counterparts in that they’ll often have particular specialisms, whether that’s in a certain style of cut, hair colouring, styling, or something else. They’ll also have all the same skills and equipment that you’d expect to see at a salon, meaning they can provide an equivalent service.

Although, for the majority of their time, mobile hairdressers will bring their services to customers’ homes, they’re also often employed in other settings like hospitals, barracks, health spas, care homes, and hotels. Some might even spend days of the week based in a salon using a rented chair or at their own home.

If you’re looking for a new hairdresser and want to find someone who can come to your home, whether it’s just for you or for your whole family, search for a mobile hairdresser in your area with My Health Assistant.