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Find a men’s health clinic near you with My Health Assistant. Whether you’re concerned about erectile dysfunction, have some questions about prostate cancer, or want a general men’s health screening, visiting a clinic is a way to get a solution or peace of mind. Search today and book an appointment through our platform.

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What you need to know about men’s health


Men’s health is an important part of healthcare – covering a range of male-specific conditions, symptoms, and serious health threats. From erectile dysfunction to prostate cancer, there are plenty of potential health and sexual health complications that are unique to men. Male health clinics are there to help provide answers to men’s health questions, solutions to ongoing conditions, and preventative care against some of the most threatening health concerns.

Current or potential health issues commonly dealt with by men’s health clinics include erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, prostate cancer, urology, testicular cancer, and male cardiology. The healthcare professionals at men’s health clinics are specialists in these conditions, meaning they’re excellently positioned to deliver outstanding care.

Consultations and treatments that are often available from men’s health clinics include cancer screenings, vasectomies, prostate examinations, and sexual health screenings. They’re all carried out by expert clinicians with focused experience in male health matters. It’s just like visiting a GP, with the exception that the focus is purely on male-specific health worries.

If you’re seeking a men’s health specialist for help with a health concern, whether it’s something that’s already bothering you or something you’re worried about in the future, visiting a male health clinic is worth considering. Find the perfect clinic in your area with My Health Assistant, and book your appointment today.