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Find a dietitian near you with My Health Assistant. Whether you’re looking to identify a dietary problem, treat an existing condition, or simply improve your overall health, you can find a professional who suits your needs with My Health Assistant. Get support from a professional dietitian and start your journey towards a healthier you today.

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Joana Jardim | Your Diet Advice

Dietitian | Nutritionist

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11 years experience

Andrew Jeffries | ProbalanceHealth

Sports & Fitness | Massage Therapy | Dietitian

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23 years experience

Overall Score: 0.0

11 years experience

What you need to know about dietary support


Food is a key player when it comes to our overall health. Even if you don’t have a medical condition, making changes to your diet can improve your wellbeing and help prevent future problems from occurring. But making these changes without the guidance of a professional can be difficult and, for some, dangerous. 

A professional dietitian will translate the latest scientific research into practical and useful advice for their patients. They undergo training to ensure that their nutritional knowledge is second to none and provide diet plans tailored to the wide range of reasons why people use their services. These reasons vary from diseases that can be partially managed through diet, such as Crohn’s and diabetes, to more generalised concerns, such as weight loss or weight gain, to specific food-related issues, like allergies and intolerances, coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

After creating a care plan, a dietitian will continually monitor its effects and look for improvements that can be made. They will support you, helping you to learn about healthy food choices and make changes to your lifestyle. If necessary, they will also be able to assess and diagnose any dietary or nutritional problems.

If you’re searching "private dietitian near me" and seeking the support of an expert in nutrition, it’s important to know that the term ‘dietitian’ is a protected title. This means that only those registered with the statutory regulator, the Health & Care Professions Council, can call themselves a dietitian. In order to be on the register, dietitians must prove that they have, as a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related field. Whatever your dietary needs, search with My Health Assistant to find a qualified dietitian near you.