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Find a life coach with My Health Assistant and get the support you need to reach your goals, whatever they are. Life coaches can help you to overcome challenges in your personal and professional life with tailored advice and guidance, helping you to build confidence and work towards success. Search for a coach at life coach directory, find a coach that suits you today and book your first appointment.

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Charlie Singh | MIND VERSES

Hypnotherapy | Life Coaching

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12 years experience

Jessica Roy | Jessica Roy Coaching

Life Coaching | Male Health | Women's Health

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21 years experience

Liz Fleming | The Be Well Space

Dietitian | Life Coaching

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19 years experience

What you need to know about life coaching


A life coach is a professional who helps people to make progress towards their personal or professional goals in life, overcoming obstacles and challenges on the way. They aim to aid their clients wherever they need help, whether that’s strengthening their relationships, improving their career, or managing their behaviours.

Similarly to therapists or counsellors, life coaches can be specialists in a certain area, like addiction, mental health, or divorce, or they can be generalists. However, unlike therapists, they don’t necessarily have to be qualified and aren’t licenced medical professionals. What they do have, though, is experience working with diverse clients and helping them to overcome their unique challenges.

When you visit a life coach, you can expect a tailored approach that’s built around your specific needs. In the first session, they’ll typically ask questions about your life, experiences, and aims, building an understanding of who you are, what your current situation is, and what might be holding you back. From there, they can deliver a custom plan of action that helps you to make progress in your focus areas, utilising strategies that make it easier for you to conquer obstacles in your way. 

The potential benefits of life coaching are broad and depend on what your specific aims are, but can include identification of your limiting beliefs, improved work-life balance, better communication skills, improved relationships, and career progression. 

If you’re searching "life coach near me" or "personal coach near me" to find a coach and help you make progress in any element of your life, search professionals in your area with My Health Assistant and find one that suits you.