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Discover holistic therapy options in your area and book a therapist who suits you with My Health Assistant. With treatments ranging from acupuncture to reflexology, all designed to alleviate the symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress, a holistic therapist can be a great complement to modern medicine. Explore this holistic health directory and find your therapist today.

Some of Our Professionals In the UK

Gillian Brunton | Better Nutrition By Gilly Ltd

Counselling | Holistic Therapy | Nutritionist

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0 years experience

Kathryn Lara Kutner | Holistic Health Care

Holistic Therapy | Massage Therapy

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0 years experience

Mei Wan | Mei Wan Nutrition

Dietitian | Women's Health | Holistic Therapy | Nutritionist

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10 years experience

What you need to know about holistic therapy


Holistic therapy is part of the broader category of holistic medicine – a practice that involves treating a person as a whole, rather than simply treating symptoms of a condition. It aims to address medical issues in terms of the mind, body, and spirit, as opposed to modern medicine which is more prescriptive and targeted. 

It’s an umbrella term that covers a range of different holistic disciplines, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, reflexology, Reiki, and traditional Chinese medicine. Each of these holistic therapies has reported benefits to health, some more specific than others. Acupuncture, for example, has been proven to have some degree of efficacy as a pain-relief technique.

Holistic therapists aim to use one or more of these disciplines to relieve the symptoms of or cure certain conditions, most often mental health problems like anxiety, depression, or stress and medical issues like diabetes, IBS, and colitis. Alongside actually carrying out therapies, however, holistic therapists will also often use their sessions to provide education about alternative medicine and other holistic lifestyle changes. This might include advice on diet, exercise, and meditation. 

When you visit a holistic therapist, you’ll most likely begin with a consultation during which the therapist will build their understanding of what condition is affecting you. They will then recommend one or more therapies that they believe will help treat you holistically, before finally moving on to practicing on you.

Although holistic therapy can be undertaken as a sole remedy to a health issue you’re facing, it’s often combined with other, more traditional healthcare options such as medication or physiotherapy as a complementary treatment. 

When you’re looking for a holistic therapist, it’s important that you find someone who you can feel comfortable and relaxed with. You should also consider which therapy you’re personally most interested in, and aim to find a therapist who specialises in that holistic discipline to make sure you’re satisfied. 

Whatever it is you’re looking to treat with holistic therapy, find the perfect practitioner with you through My Health Assistant today.