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Find a hearing specialist near you with the help of My Health Assistant. Audiologists are there to provide specialist support for hearing problems, from carrying out hearing tests to dispensing hearing aids. Find an audiologist by searching "audiologists near me" and book an appointment through our platform to get the support you’re looking for.

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What you need to know about audiology


Audiology is the branch of medical science that studies hearing, balance, and other functions of the ear. Audiologists are specialist medical professionals who are qualified and experienced in delivering support to people with hearing-related issues, providing a range of diagnostic and consultancy-based services to help resolve them.

An audiologist’s duties span a wide range of services, including conducting hearing tests, measuring the extent of hearing loss, assessing balance abilities, dispensing hearing aids, and microsuction ear wax removal. They typically provide support to people of all ages and backgrounds, with specialisms within the practice including paediatric audiology and special needs audiology. 

Also known as hearing care professionals or hearing specialists, audiologists play an important role in diagnosing hearing conditions and providing preventative care for people who are at risk of developing them. This sometimes includes delivering tailored advice or guidance to people who are at risk of hearing conditions or damage, and even providing suitable hearing protection. 

When you visit an audiologist, you’ll usually have a discussion to kick off the appointment that will involve the professional asking questions about your work, lifestyle, and what hearing or balance issues you’re facing. They’ll then often move on to an ear examination, which will help them to make an assessment about whether you’re suffering from a recognised ear health condition or something else. Finally, they’ll make a recommendation for next steps, whether that’s to see another specialist consultant, to take a prescribed treatment, or to follow their guidance.

If you’re searching "ear syringing near me", make sure you find an audiologists that suits you by checking their reviews and determining if they have a specialism in one specific area. You can browse audiologists near you right here with My Health Assistant, and book your appointment directly through our platform.