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Find a women’s health clinic near you with My Health Assistant for support, guidance, and treatment for a range of female health conditions or concerns. Whether you’re looking for advice about the menopause or fertility treatment, gynaecological services or information about an existing health condition, find a suitable clinic in your area.

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Some of Our Professionals In the UK

Julie Ingram | The Healthy Mind Therapist

Psychotherapy | Counselling | Women's Health | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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19 years experience

JENAED BRODELL | Nutrition and Co

Dietitian | Women's Health | Sports & Fitness

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0 years experience

Phillipa Butler | Precizion Ltd

Physiotherapy | Pilates | Yoga | Women's Health

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31 years experience

What you need to know about women’s health


Women’s health is a critical part of the healthcare system, entailing a broad range of female-specific conditions, concerns, and symptoms. From endometriosis to gynaecology, there are many potential general and sexual health complications that are unique to women. Women’s health clinics provide a solution, delivering advice, guidance, treatment, and care for these conditions.

These clinics often deal with the full range of women’s health conditions, which typically includes endometriosis, breast and cervical cancer, menopause, osteoporosis, and fertility difficulties. The medical professionals who work in women’s health clinics are specialists, often highly qualified, and experienced, meaning they can deliver outstanding tailored care that addresses their patients’ needs and concerns.

Some women’s health clinics might also cover more general medical and mental health fields, with services such as diagnostic tests, nursing, and therapy available from specialist healthcare professionals. 

It you’re seeking professional support for a current or suspected medical condition that relates to women’s health, including issues with fertility, gynaecology, or menopause, find a women’s health clinic that meets your needs with My Health Assistant.