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Find a provider of post-operation care near you and get the medical and therapeutic support you need to make a full recovery. Whatever surgery you’re undergoing, post-op care is there to help make sure you heal in full and on-time, helping you to manage pain, limited mobility, and other side-effects. Discover options for post-op care in your area today with My Health Assistant.

What you need to know about post-operation care


After being operated on, it’s common to need follow-up care to help manage the after-effects of surgery. Post-operation care, also known as convalescent care, is designed to do exactly that. It aims to provide tailored support that suits your needs to ensure that you make a full recovery in as much comfort as possible, mitigating the challenges of pain, mobility issues, and more. 

Operations can be taxing on the body, especially when it’s major surgery, and can leave you with a significant road to recovery afterwards. Depending on the nature of the surgery, patients can be left needing ongoing pain-relief, support with mobility, wound care, and physiotherapy, all of which are critical in enabling a positive recovery process.

While post-op care usually begins in a hospital setting immediately following surgery, it’s expected in some circumstances that additional care will be required even when you return home. For some, post-operation care at home can involve short but regular visits to redress wounds and administer medication, while for others, more substantial live-in care might be required.

Whatever type of care you need, though, it’s important that you find a carer who is qualified, experienced, and suitable for your unique needs. It’s also generally advised that post-op care is organised in advance of undergoing surgery, as it’s useful to have your carer on-hand to ask your doctor questions regarding your expected recovery process, including what side effects are to be expected, what complications could arise, and what specific therapies can help quicken recovery. 

If you or a loved one have an operation coming up and you’re looking for post-operation care options now, you can use My Health Assistant to browse services in your area and find the one that suits you. Search today and get in contact with a care provider in your area through our platform.