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Search for homeopaths near you and find the best practitioners in your area. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine, based on the idea that diluting and then ingesting certain substances can bring about healing in the body. No matter what you want to use homeopathy for, you can search "homeopaths near me" and find the professional providers with My Health Assistant. 

What you need to know about homeopathy


Homeopathy is what’s known as an alternative medicine, meaning that it differs from the treatments on offer as part of conventional Western medicine. The central principle is that ‘like cures like’ – basically meaning that whatever causes symptoms in a healthy person can also treat similar symptoms in an unwell person. The second most central principle is that a lower dose of the substance creates a more powerful medicine. 

Mixing the core ingredient with water or alcohol and shaking it is part of what homeopaths call ‘potentization’. The belief is that the healing properties of the core ingredient are transferred to the other substances and that even when the mixture is diluted to the point that there is no original ingredient left, the healing properties remain in the mixture. The resultant medicine can come in many forms; liquid drops, tablets, sugar pellets, and creams. 

During an appointment for homeopathy, you will usually be asked about your general health, any specific or underlying conditions, your current lifestyle and your mental state. From here, and depending on the reason for your visit in the first place, the homeopath will decide on the course of treatment and formulate a remedy to suit you. Some common ailments that people turn to homeopathy for are allergies, arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, dermatitis and mental health conditions like anxiety or depression.

There’s conflicting research on the effectiveness of homeopathy, with some studies showing results from treatment and others showing the opposite. Some people believe that even when treatment has been successful, it is only because of the placebo effect. Because of this, homeopathy is very rarely available on the NHS and most people who wish to use it must therefore seek private treatment. That’s where My Health Assistant comes in – you can search for professional homeopaths near you and find a practitioner who fits your requirements.