My Health Assistant - Who Are We?

What is the one thing that would improve your quality of life?

Many people could reel off a list as long as their arm; reduced pain, a clearer mind, help in supporting loved-ones, a shoulder to lean on, improved fitness, etc.

Really, what it all boils down to is our health.


Imagine having access to healthcare options without the commitment of hefty insurance fees or an ongoing subscription. Long wait times for diagnosis and treatment can be detrimental to our wellbeing, and issues can worsen before we are attended to promptly or by the appropriate specialist. This, combined with the often unattainable cost of private healthcare, means that thousands of people across the UK are currently waiting for care they desperately need.

My Health Assistant is the app for anyone looking to book treatments directly with an affordable, private medical or health specialist in their local area. There are no joining criteria and you don’t have to qualify your healthcare needs to use My Health Assistant - we simply want to break down the barriers faced by so many families when it comes to timely, quality care that is local to them.

The idea for My Health Assistant arose after the company directors experienced a number of healthcare issues in their family.


The inspiration came after attending a private doctor’s appointment for a skin condition that a general practitioner was struggling to treat. During the appointment, the Dermatologist immediately identified a separate issue: a growing mark on the patient’s leg that had until then remained undiagnosed. The eventual diagnosis was early stage skin cancer - resulting in swift treatment.

This was a bittersweet experience - on one hand this family felt extremely grateful for being in the position to seek out private healthcare when it mattered most, but they also felt recognition and anxiety for the thousands of families who did not have the same privilege.

This experience posed a question - how could they help other families, their friends and our amazing health care professionals to treat people quicker?

It was felt that people needed more support and more visibility of the options available to them. There was a need for a tool for those unable to take out health insurance - ensuring accessibility to alternative healthcare professionals as and when needed.

Therefore, My Health Assistant was launched in March of this year.

The app provides easy access to affordable healthcare services and treatment options, enabling people across the UK to take control of their health and decide upon the best option for their families.


Health struggles can be scary, but you never have to feel like you’re on your own. Our team of caring and approachable advisors are always on hand to support you over the phone or online, and with our easy-to-use app you can tailor your search to match your exact needs.

Take control of your health with people who care.

My Health Assistant. Prioritising you.