How many sessions do I need?

How many sessions of hypnotherapy do I need?

This is a question we get asked a lot at The Hypnosis Clinic and it’s really difficult to give a simple answer, as it depends on so many variables like:

What do you want to fix?
How long has the problem been around?
How much time to you have to make changes? How committed are you to make a change?

In this short blog, we will hopefully be able to give you a better guide to estimating the number of sessions you need to get the results you want.

What will I learn in this blog?

• That hypnosis is a safe way to make positive changes in your life
• The number of sessions you need depends on your commitment
• That hypnotherapy helps you make the biggest change in the shortest time • The results from good hypnotherapy can be quicker than other therapies

Faster results mean less sessions

Well, that might be right! If you consider hypnotherapy verses the more traditional psychotherapy, there may be some saving in the number of sessions you need.

Firstly, hypnotherapists deal directly with the subconscious mind, usually the root of all change and the place where problems can accumulate. Because it works on a subconscious level, hypnotherapy can often produce faster results, so less sessions, and lower cost.

Reportedly, hypnosis has a 93% success rate with less sessions than both behavioural and psychotherapy, according to research studies. This led researchers to believe that for changing habits, thought patterns, and actual behaviour hypnosis was not only the most effective method but that it needed less time/sessions than other forms of therapy. (Alfred A. Barrios/1970).

Each person is different

Of course, we know that whatever the therapeutic approach, the results are really down to the individual.

Someone who is really motivated for change will probably use less sessions than someone who is ambivalent. Seeing a hypnotherapist you gel with will also make a difference to how effective the treatment can be.

However, if you have a strong desire and commitment to
change, a good hypnotherapist will help you to make
changes on the shortest possible time. Always choose a
therapist that offers a free initial consultation, then you can have the opportunity to see how well you get on.

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

The number of sessions you need, will also depend on how deep rooted your problems are. For simple phobias or addictions, you may not need any therapeutic intervention, so plain hypnotic suggestion may be all that is required. So in the case of someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day, they will need 3-4 sessions to be able to become a non-smoker. It’s simply replacing a bad habit for a good one.

However, someone who smokes 100 cigarettes a day (yes, they do exist!), may need therapeutic hypnosis to go and look for the underlying cause of such a devastating habit. That’s going to take more sessions. However, unlike psychotherapy, hypnotherapy can help people achieve their goals in just a few weeks.

In the initial consultation, you should be told what to expect for your treatment and how many sessions it should take.

A good hypnotherapist will achieve the best results in the shortest time. Having a custom-made Self-Hypnosis recording is something you should also expect; it will help you to continue your treatment at home, which also speeds up the results you can expect.

How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?

The list of potential applications is only really limited by your imagination - these are some of the popular things hypnotherapists deal with every day and the amount of sessions you should expect:

Become a non-smoker - for most people 3-4 sessions

Reduce your weight - 4 sessions

Resolve anxiety and beat stress - 2-4 sessions

Build strong, happy relationships - 4-6 sessions

Speak confidently in public - 2-3 sessions

Enjoy flying - 3-4 sessions

Experience happy, natural childbirth - 4 sessions

Let go of phobias - 2-4 sessions

Improve your memory and pass examinations - 2 sessions

Enjoy better quality sleep - 3-4 sessions

Increase motivation and fitness - 2-4 sessions

Have healthier sexual relationships - 4 sessions

Overcome addictions - 4+ sessions

Improve your self-esteem and confidence - 2-4 sessions

Employ rapid healing - 2-4 sessions

At The Hypnosis Clinic we work to be realistic with the number of sessions you need and we will always do our best work in the shortest time.

How much does hypnotherapy cost? Well, each session is £200, however, if you book a package of 4 sessions, it’s only £175 per session, which is a good discount. Each session is about an hour long and around a week apart. However, everything we do is tailored to your schedule and budget. The self-hypnosis recording is custom made for each patient and recorded to the highest standard. Each one is £100.

What did I learn here?

That hypnotherapy is very efficient in helping people to sort out a wide variety of problems and challenges. Most problems can be solved in 2-4 weekly hypnosis sessions.

If you’d like to find out more about how hypnosis can help you to make changes in your life, have a look at our website, We offer a free initial consultation, either by a Telehealth video link or at our clinic right in the heart of London’s Regent Street.

Or, if you fancy a chat, give us a call on 0207 439 9089.