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Search for after stroke care or stroke rehabilitation services nearby with My Health Assistant. Aftercare is an important part of the rehabilitation and recovery process following a stroke, but it doesn’t have to be in a dedicated care setting. Find a provider of at home after stroke care and rehabilitation services near you with our help.

What you need to know about stroke rehabilitation


The effects on the brain of a stroke can lead to a range of long-lasting problems, medically, psychologically, and cognitively. These can include mental health issues like depression and anxiety, loss of executive function, diminished memory, poor concentration, mobility issues, dysphagia, communication problems, and extreme fatigue. These lingering issues can be a major detriment to normal life, but after stroke care and stroke rehabilitation services can help you to work towards overcoming them. 

After stroke care is the most fundamental element of a support programme following a stroke, comprising of tailored care delivered by a qualified nurse, carer, or family member in the home or a dedicated care setting. It’s adaptable to individual needs, and can involve assistance with personal care, mobility, and housekeeping.

Aside from just receiving care, some patients recovering from a stroke can also benefit from various rehabilitation services. These are designed to help you overcome any lingering effects, including those listed above, making it more possible to return to how life was before the stroke. Stroke rehabilitation can include treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, and courses of medicine.  

The purpose of these rehabilitative practices is to help you to relearn skills that are lost when a stroke affected part of your brain, regain independence, and improve overall quality of life. Which types of rehabilitation are needed depends on the severity and nature of the stroke, meaning that no two stroke rehabilitation plans will be exactly alike.

If you or someone you love has had a stroke and requires after stroke care, rehabilitation, or both, you can use My Health Assistant to find the right professional services near you. Search your area for carers and rehabilitation services today.