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Search for the best skincare clinics and freelance skincare consultants in your area. A professional skincare consultant will assess your skin and help you decide which treatments or products are most suitable for you. Whether you’re after advice or you already know what it is you’re looking for, find a skincare provider near you with My Health Assistant.

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What you need to know about skincare consultancy


A skincare consultant does a slightly different job to a dermatologist, although they might both be available to consult at a skincare clinic. While a dermatologist has to go through medical training and can also provide treatment for nails and hair, a skincare consultant is a specialist in aesthetic skin treatments and milder skin disorders. They can help to tackle problems like acne, rosacea and dryness through a series of treatments or recommended products. 

In a typical skincare consultation, your skin will be assessed to understand its type, and any issues that are causing your concern or discomfort can be brought to the table. This is also your chance to discuss any treatments that you would like to receive, or to ask for more information if you are unsure what’s right for you. The consultant will be able to recommend a treatment plan to address your individual needs. This could be as simple as creating a personalised skincare routine, or could involve some more intense treatments such as LED light therapy or even a chemical skin peel.

Whatever the consultant suggests, they will be sure to carry out the necessary checks, for example a patch test, to make sure your skin won’t react badly. If you have particularly sensitive skin, they might even be able to help you choose appropriate cosmetics that won’t irritate it further. Sensitive skin might be the reason you’re seeking help from a skincare consultant, with other common reasons including dehydration, hyperpigmentation and blackheads. Many women want to speak to a specialist about their aging skin, opting for treatments like laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, pigmentation removal and hydrafacials to maintain a youthful look. 

Choosing a skincare clinic doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by looking at clinics in your area, as you might not want to travel far following treatment while your skin is delicate and recovering. Look at reviews to find out how previous clients have found certain treatments and if you have your eye on a specific procedure, see if you can find a clinic that specialises in this. At My Health Assistant, our top priority is making it easy for you to look after yourself, which is why you can find expert skin consultants right now by searching with us.