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Find a science tutor near you and get bespoke support for you or your child in science at any level, from primary through to degree-level tuition. Whether you need a tutor for broad-based learning, or want specialist guidance in a particular scientific discipline, My Health Assistant can help you find a science tutor who suits you in your area.

What you need to know about science tutoring


Science is a broad academic discipline, entailing the three main subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics, but also containing innumerable individual specific fields of research relating to everything from astronomy to oceanography.

It’s one of the cornerstones of traditional education in the UK, taught from KS1 all the way through to the end of compulsory education at A-Level. It’s also a hugely popular subject choice at degree-level with many universities across the country offering a variety of science courses and specialisms.

Despite how common it is as a subject, though, science can be a difficult topic to learn. From formulas used in physics to the composition of the periodic table of elements, science education relies on the absorption of lots of often complicated knowledge.

That means it’s a prime candidate for tutoring – helping children, students, and adults alike add to their learnings in a formal education environment and develop their understanding of whatever scientific discipline they’re focused on.

Science tutoring can help everyone who studies science, from children working towards SATs to PhD students putting together a thesis. It’s a highly flexible and adaptable service, capable of being tailored to specific learning needs and subject areas. Science tuition is also typically able to be delivered in a form that suits you, whether that’s face-to-face tutoring or over an online service. 

When you’re looking for a science tutor, make sure to search for someone with suitable qualifications, experience, and specialisms. It’s also important, however, to find someone with whom you can get along, as that can be a fundamental part of how well you’ll learn from them.

Whatever level of science study you need help with, find a suitable science tutor near you with the help of My Health Assistant, and contact them directly through our platform to get started today.