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Find an orthotist near you with My Health Assistant. Whether you’re seeking muscular or skeletal support following an injury, diagnosis of a neuromuscular condition, a stroke, or something else, an orthotist can help to put you on the road to recovery. Browse professionals in your area and choose one that suits you today.

What you need to know about orthotics


Orthotics is a branch of the healthcare system that deals with the design and application of orthoses (also known as orthotic devices). Orthoses are devices such as braces, splints, and supports that are designed to help people with neuromuscular or skeletal conditions heal or avoid injury. Orthoses can also be used to support body parts that have been weakened by injury or disease or following a stroke. 

Orthotists are often grouped with prosthetists, who are healthcare professionals that design and fit artificial limbs (or prostheses) for amputees or people with disabilities. However, although the two disciplines are related, professionals are typically trained in one or the other. 

There are a number of specialisms within orthotics that relate to the treatment of specific conditions or patients, including paediatric orthotics, diabetic orthotics, hernia support, and arthritis orthotics. Specialist orthotists are trained specifically in treating their focus area, and are suitable for anyone seeking tailored care and high-quality orthoses for their condition.

While results will vary depending on the type of condition being treated and the age of the patient, orthotic intervention can result in benefits such as improved posture, better stability, reduced pain from movement, stronger joints, and increase confidence.

If you’re looking for an orthotist near you to help treat a muscular, skeletal, or nerve-based condition, help provide body-part support after an injury, or anything else, use My Health Assistant to find the ideal professional near you.