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What you need to know about occupational therapy


Occupational health is the name given to the branch of medicine that’s focused on helping people who have difficulties carrying out day-to-day activities independently. It covers a broad range of conditions, from illness to injury, disease to mental health, spanning the full spectrum of ailments that can cause disruption to your ability to live or work comfortably and productively. 

Occupational therapists are the practitioners of occupational health services, and their remit is similarly broad. Depending on who they’re working with, occupational therapists can take on diverse responsibilities. These include carrying out workplace assessments, advising on work-related illnesses or accidents, making diagnoses, putting together treatment plans, and providing support to people trying to adapt to life with a medical condition.

They will use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help patients improve, rehabilitate, or maintain their ability to perform everyday tasks, both inside and outside of the workplace. Some occupational therapists also hold specialisms in certain areas, whether that’s mental health conditions, mobility issues, neurological conditions, or something else.

Receiving support or treatment from a private occupational therapist can help you to improve your ability to live and work independently, making you more adaptable, capable, and self-sufficient. Depending on your condition, your occupational therapist may also work as part of a multi-disciplinary team along with other professional like physiotherapists, mental health therapists, and care workers to deliver a combined treatment plan.

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