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Search for nutritionists with My Health Assistant and get expert advice relating to your needs. A nutritional therapist will devise and assess science-based nutritional guidance to help you meet your goal, whatever that may be. You can find the right nutritionist for you and book your first appointment today with My Health Assistant.

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What you need to know about nutritional services


A nutritionist is someone who advises individuals or groups on matters relating to food and nutrition. They break down complex scientific knowledge into simple advice and can provide ongoing support to help you put this advice into practice. 

Nutritionists traditionally communicate through face-to-face meetings but it’s becoming increasingly common for services to be delivered online or over the phone, too. Regardless of the reason for reaching out to a practitioner, they will usually start by assessing your current diet, lifestyle and any issues you might be facing. They will then go away and create a personalised diet plan will the aim of tackling your specific concerns.

Common reasons why you search "nutritionists near me" or "weight loss nutritionist near me" include weight loss or weight gain goals, to address nutritional deficiencies, or to understand how to tailor your diet to support a sporting lifestyle, such as being a professional athlete or regular gym-goer. It’s also often a sensible idea to speak to a nutritionist if you are thinking about making a major change to your diet – for example, switching to veganism, vegetarianism, or a paleo diet. 

It’s not unusual for people to speak to a nutritionist if they have concerns about the health of others in their care. You might be looking after an ageing parent and need to ensure that they’re meeting their nutritional needs, or maybe you want to speak to an expert to gain knowledge around neonatal and children’s nutrition.                     

While doing a similar job to a dietitian, a nutritionist is not required to be regulated by law, whereas anyone calling themselves a dietitian does have to be. However, many personal nutritionists choose to belong to the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN), whose practitioners must meet rigorous training and competency criteria. No matter whether you want help making changes to your own diet or someone else’s. You can find the right online nutritionist for you and book your first appointment today with My Health Assistant