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Find a music tutor near you with My Health Assistant. If you want to start playing an instrument, are looking to take your skills to the next level, or need to brush up on theory, one-to-one music tuition can help you to achieve your goals. Find the right tutor in your area and get started.

What you need to know about music tutoring


Private music tutors provide lessons in playing instruments or music theory to pupils of all ages in a range of settings, but primarily in the home. While not necessarily qualified, they’ll often be highly experienced musicians equipped with a great teaching skillset, making them the ideal choice for supporting learning at any level.

You can generally find a music tutor for any instrument you’re interested in, whether it’s one of the common choices like piano, guitar, and violin, or something a little bit more niche like clarinet, trumpet, or cello. There are also plenty of music tutors who will be able to provide tuition in music theory, the underlying language that allows you to read written music.

Music tuition is a largely flexible service, and it can adapt to specific needs and preferences to fit the pupil. Depending on your level of experience and your goals, you can choose how regularly to receive lessons, how long you want them to be, and how long you do them for. Some people will use music lessons to prepare for an upcoming instrument grading examination, while others might just have a passion for learning. Music tutors can help both!

Lessons are typically carried out in a home setting, either the pupil’s or the tutor’s, but virtual lessons are also possible, meaning you can learn remotely. 

If you’re looking for music tuition that suits you, no matter what instrument you play or want to learn, search for a suitable tutor nearby with My Health Assistant today.