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Find a healthcare testing service near you to access a test that gives you clarity on whatever medical condition you’re concerned about. Whether you’re worried about having COVID-19, an STI, or hormone imbalances, there’s a test out there that’ll give you the insights you need to take further action or get peace of mind. Book a healthcare testing appointment near you today with My Health Assistant. 

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What you need to know about healthcare testing


Healthcare tests, or medical tests, can help to identify, diagnose, and assess the severity of a broad range of medical conditions. A test is a common first step in any diagnosis process, leading naturally into a treatment plan being put together or further investigations taking place. Healthcare tests can also be used as part of an ongoing assessment process, providing regular updates as to the progression of a condition.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different medical tests that are used regularly across the healthcare sector, each with a different purpose. Some of the most common include STI tests, hormone mapping, thyroid function tests, cholesterol tests, thyroid function tests, cholesterol tests, and vitamin or mineral level tests. 

However, in cases where you’re not sure if you have a medical issue or not, general diagnostic tests can also be helpful. In recent years, COVID-19 tests including lateral flow and PCR tests have also been in high demand. 

The purpose of healthcare tests varies depending on the type – some are designed to identify symptoms, some to provide a benchmark before medication, and some to diagnose a condition. Generally, they will be used to provide insights that will then lead in to further treatment, whether that’s a course of medication, a referral to a specialist, or a therapeutic schedule. 

Getting a medical test is generally straightforward. Once you’ve found a testing service or clinic near you, you simply book an appointment and turn up on the day. Most tests can be carried out without any sort of anaesthetic, typically involving a swap from your nose or mouth or a sample of blood, saliva, or another bodily fluid being taken, and you’ll be able to leave soon after being tested. 

How long it takes to receive results after being tested depends on how complex the test is and whether your sample is analysed on-site or in a laboratory elsewhere.

If you’re concerned about your health and want to get tested for a specific condition or a general diagnostic health test, find a service near you with My Health Assistant and book your appointment today.