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Find a perfect private carer for your elderly loved one with My Health Assistant and discover senior care support that makes a difference. Elderly care can help older people maintain their independence by allowing them to continue to live at home while receiving support where they need it, whether that’s with mobility issues, personal care, or companionship. Browse elder care services near you and find a carer that’s right for you. 

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What you need to know about care for the elderly


Care for the elderly is an essential service designed to provide support to seniors who want to continue living in their own home but have difficulties with day-to-day tasks. The exact nature of elderly care can vary massively depending on the specific needs of the individual, but the support provided can include housekeeping services, cooking, personal care, mobility support, medical assistance, or simply companionship.

With a focus on enabling as high a degree of independence as possible, professional elderly care is an alternative to a family member providing any required support themselves. It also offers a less drastic alternative to making use of a care home, ensuring that your loved one can remain in their own home and maintain much of their old routine. 

It’s a service that’s utilised by many families around the country to protect and support their elderly relatives, providing a greater level of care than they can realistically provide themselves without having to uproot their loved one from their home. While dementia or other degenerative neurological conditions are a common reason for calling in elderly care, it’s also suitable for people with mobility problems, serious healthcare needs, or loneliness. 

Care schedules are generally highly flexible, meaning you can choose how often your care worker makes visits and for how long they stay. Full-time live-in care is also available from some elderly carers, providing a more comprehensive care option for individuals with broader or more intensive care needs.

When you’re choosing an elderly carer, it’s important to find someone who has the right personality, experience, and availability. Your chosen carer will become a significant part of your elderly relative’s life, so it’s a big decision! 

You can use My Health Assistant to find an elderly care service near you and choose a carer who meets your needs perfectly. Search today and book directly through our platform.