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Find a domiciliary care worker in your area and get the home support you or your loved one needs. Domiciliary care is flexible so you can choose a level of support that suits you, from a 30 minute visit every day to around-the-clock care. Whether it’s to assist someone with a complex health condition or simply for companionship, find the care worker you need with My Health Assistant.

What you need to know about domiciliary care


Domiciliary care (also known as home care) is a service that’s designed to support those who need a little bit of extra assistance around the house. Whether because of old age, a disability, or an existing health condition, people who find living alone challenging can benefit from having a level of domiciliary care that suits their needs.

Domiciliary care workers usually take on a broad role, carrying out and providing support with daily activities like personal care, cooking, managing medication, cleaning, assisting mobility, and going shopping. Experienced and qualified care workers might also be able to provide limited clinical support to those who need it, carrying out duties like changing a catheter or PEG feeding.

Beyond offering practical support, though, domiciliary care workers can also be a great source of companionship for people who aren’t able to socialise as much in other ways. As a familiar face, whatever schedule they attend on, their presence can bring comfort, security, and mental health benefits. They also help to preserve independence, providing care in the comfort of a home environment rather than in a dedicated care home.

Care in the home isn’t just for the elderly – people of all ages can benefit from domiciliary care. That includes people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, basic or complex health conditions, genetic conditions, mental health issues, and even those recovering from illness or injury. Essentially, if someone needs support living their daily lives at home, a domiciliary care worker can help.

And the support that’s provided is entirely flexible, both in terms of how frequent it is and what it involves. That means you can develop a care programme that’s perfectly suited to you or your loved one’s needs, providing everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Search for a domiciliary care worker with My Health Assistant today and book through our platform to find the support you or your loved on needs.