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Find the best dentists near you with My Health Assistant. You can browse through a range of dentists in your area and find the one that suits you, whether you’re looking for a routine check-up, support from a specialist orthodontist, or immediate treatment from an emergency dentist. Search with us today and get the dental care you need. 

What you need to know about dental care


Dentists are one of the cornerstones of healthcare in the UK, providing essential dental care to keep our teeth and gums healthy throughout our lives. But dentistry doesn’t just come in one form, there are lots of specialisms and sub-practices that tackle specific areas. From cosmetic dentists to improve the way your smile looks to periodontists who treat diseases of the gums, there’s a dentist for every need. 

General dental care – the service that’s generally used most by people throughout their lives – usually involves several core elements. Firstly there are check-ups, regular appointments during which a dentist inspects your teeth for changes since the last check-up, investigates any problems you specifically flag, and performs basic cleaning to remove plaque build-up and minor decay.

If, during a routine check-up, a dentist notices a problem, they will suggest a relevant further treatment or investigation. That might involve getting an X-ray, filling cavities, or even removing a tooth altogether. 

You don’t have to wait for a regular check-up to visit the dentist, however, there are plenty of reasons you might make a proactive appointment. They include pain or discomfort in your teeth, swelling around or inside your mouth, bleeding of the gums, or trouble chewing or swallowing.

When you’re looking for a dentist, there are some important considerations to make to help you decide which professional to choose. Firstly, if it’s an emergency, you should get in touch with an emergency dentist right away to avoid having to wait for an appointment. But if it’s not urgent, you can decide whether you need a general dentist or support for a more specific issue from a specialist. 

Finally, you should browse through the reviews and check the prices of a selection of dentists to make sure the one you’re choosing is suitable for you. You can use My Health Assistant to do all of this on one platform, and get the dental care you need from a professional near you.