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Find a blindness or visual impairment carer near you and get specialist support from a qualified professional. Blindness and serious visual impairment can be challenging to live with, but help from a specialist carer can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for live-in care or visiting care, find a qualified carer for the blind in your area with My Health Assistant.

What you need to know about visual impairment care


There are around 2 million people living with significant sight loss in the UK, with around 20% of those registered blind or partially sighted. Visual impairment is a symptom of many disparate conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma, but it can also come about as a natural part of the ageing process. 

It can affect people of all ages and isn’t necessarily associated with any other health conditions. And while the primary symptom is usually the visual impairment itself, it can also cause other issues including poor balance, discomfort, and mental health challenges.

Living with moderate or severe visual impairment can be isolating, frustrating, and challenging. A lot of daily tasks and activities can be difficult without sight, and learning to navigate the world with newly impaired vision isn’t simple. Carers for the blind and visually impaired are there to make the process easier to handle, providing professional support that helps you maintain your independence and continue with your life.

Carers for the visually impaired can generally assist people with all levels of sight loss in a broad range of ways at home. Whether you need support with moving around your home safely, personal care, cooking, household chores, or caring for pets, a specialist carer will be able to help. Some care for the blind services will also entail further support, including administering medicines, providing emotional support, and carrying out external errands like going shopping. 

Finding the right carer for you can seem intimidating, especially when you factor in the need to not only find someone with the right skillset, but also a personality you can get along with. Start your search today with My Health Assistant and find a carer who suits you from our range of professionals in your area.