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Find a private blood test provider near you to get insights into your health, supporting evidence for a diagnosis, or simply peace of mind. Whichever one it is you need, search for a blood test that suits you with My Health Assistant and book through our platform today. 

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What you need to know about blood testing


Blood tests are commonly used as diagnostic tools across a range of healthcare specialisms. They’re considered one of the most basic medical tests, but their results can provide invaluable insights into any potential health conditions you have and form the basis of a future treatment plan.

Despite their broad use, they are particularly suited to assessing your general state of health, whether you have an infection, if there are any issues with your organs, or if you have a genetic condition. They generally only take a few minutes to be carried out, and results can be back with you rapidly once your blood sample has been analysed in a laboratory, meaning they’re a great option for regular health screenings. 

Most importantly, you don’t need a GP referral to get a private blood test. While you might want one after having been referred by another professional, whether that’s your GP or a nutritionist, you are also free to book a blood test with no specific reason in mind. 

When you find a blood test clinic or professional near you and book your appointment, the process is simple. At your appointment time, just turn up to their premises and you’ll be met by a phlebotomist (a specialist in taking blood samples) who’ll draw a sample of blood, typically from your arm. The sample will then be analysed in a nearby or on-site lab before the results are returned to the blood test provider, who’ll contact you with the details. 

You can choose to have a specialist blood test that’s focused around one specific area, such as checking for genetic conditions, or a general screening test. Whatever you’re looking for from your blood test, find the right clinic or blood test professional near you with My Health Assistant and book today through our platform.