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Get care and support for your arthritis from a professional near you with My Health Assistant. Whether you’re looking for advice, pain relief, or practical assistance at home, you’ll find plenty of qualified arthritis specialists to choose from in your area. Search with us today and find arthritis support that suits you.

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What you need to know about arthritis support


It’s estimated that more than 10 million people of all ages in the UK have arthritis or similar conditions. There are several types of arthritis, with the main two being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but they all generally revolve around primary symptoms relating to joints. From stiffness to limited motion, persistent pain to swelling – dealing with the daily issues that arthritis can cause may be challenging. 

Osteoarthritis is the most common type and typically affects people over the age of 50. The main effect of osteoarthritis is a gradual erosion of the cartilage that protects bones in a joint from rubbing together, leading to stiffness, pain, and loss of movement. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is less common but is also chronic. With this type of arthritis, it’s the immune system that causes gradual degradation of the cartilage between bones, causing inflammation that often precedes pain and swelling.

Arthritis support is a professional service catered specifically for those with the condition. While there’s no cure for arthritis, there are treatments and lifestyle changes that can be deployed to lessen the symptoms, and they’re best administered by a specialist professional. 

Private arthritis care or support will typically take the form of an initial consultation, during which you can outline how the condition affects you in daily life and where you need support. Following that consultation, a support plan can be put together that provides you with the assistance you need, whether that’s a prescription for pain-relief or anti-inflammatory medicine, an exercise plan designed to reduce stiffness and increase range of motion, personalised at home care, or something else entirely.

The benefits of bespoke private arthritis care can be life-changing, helping to mitigate the inconvenience or pain caused by symptoms and live a more independent life. Whether you’re looking for an ongoing pain relief programme, advice on how you can manage the symptoms yourself with lifestyle changes, or a level of assisted home care that suits you, find your ideal arthritis professional here.