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Laura Rockett (RNutr)


Non-Diet Nutrition with Laura

Overall Score: 5.0

Luton (0 miles away)
10 years experience
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About me

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m an experienced NHS and private Nutritionist.

I specialise in supporting people living with the following conditions or treatments: Pre-Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Dieting, Disordered Eating, Gluten-Free Diets, Coeliac Disease, Lactose Intolerance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Intuitive Eating.

I will support you to achieve your health goals without focusing on your weight or trying to change it. This is what is called a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach.

If you would like to find out how I could support you, please get in touch to book a free 30 minute consultation or book your appointment (1 hour).


Nutritionist - Complimentary Consultation

A free 30 minute consultation to say hello and explore what you'd like to work on.

Nutritionist - Consultation

For any nutrition consultation

Nutritionist - Diabetes

For nutrition queries about managing a healthy diet when living with pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.

Nutritionist - Intuitive Eating

Learning to become an Intuitive Eater will help you improve your relationship with food, eating and body image. It can help you move away from yo-yo dieting and allow you to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. It will teach you to un-learn the rules of food restriction and diet culture and we will build up your ability to listen to your body to give it what it needs.

I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor who is ready to support you on your journey.


NHS Diabetes Educator and Registered Nutritionist | August 2016 - March 2023
Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) | January 2016 - Present
Associate Nutritionist with various companies | September 2013 - October 2015


BSc Nutrition and Health
BSc Money, Banking and Finance
Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor
Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND) Nationally Accredited Educator



13:30 – 20:00
13:30 – 20:00
09:00 – 20:00


Dave S


Overall Score: 5.0

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Quality of service


I found my consultations with Laura extremely helpful. As well as being very pleasant, Laura is highly knowledgeable in her field and really takes the time to understand both what you are experiencing and what you hope to gain from the sessions. I left with a better understanding of foods and nutrition in general, as well as lots of new ideas in terms of diet. Laura was also meticulous in putting together recommendations and follow-up notes from the our meetings which was fantastic. Overall, I would highly recommend a consultation with Laura for anything food/diet/nutrition related!

Jo Pepper


Overall Score: 5.0

Response time

Quality of service


I couldn't recommend Laura enough for your food related needs. Throughout my intuitive eating process Laura has been extremely helpful and professional. In each session Laura worked with me, at a pace that suited me, through the various exercises with understanding and patience. Laura's unjudgmental, caring, and positiveness meant that I felt validated and listened to throughout my journey. Laura helped me to unpick the years of dietary confusion and unhealthy regimes so that my outlook on food became balanced and healthy by being taught to listen to my own body’s needs. Thank you so much Laura.