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Diane Nivern

Cosmetic Surgery | Dermatologist | Skincare | Trichology

Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd

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Manchester (0 miles away)
29 years experience
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About me

Owner of the Diane Nivern Clinic in Whitefield, Manchester
Facialist specialising in remedial skincare treatments for men & women
Qualified initially as a Clinical Aromatherapist formulating her own skincare products for her bespoke facials before specialising in advanced techniques including chemical skin peel, microneedling, Dermalux LED light therapy, transdermal mesotherapy


Cosmetic Surgery - Eyebag Removal

Non surgical treatment using Plasma beamwave to tighten loose skin under the eyes, eye bag reduction.
Can be used to refresh a previous surgical treatment

Prices starting from: £300

Cosmetic Surgery - Microdermabrasion

Diamond and crystal microdermabrasion exfoliation to improve skin texture, reducing fine lines, clearing blocked pores

Prices starting from: £90

Cosmetic Surgery - Neck Lift

Non surgical treatments to improve neck lines, wrinkles, sagging necks
Treatments can include botulinum toxin-A injections known as a Nefertiti Lift to tighten and smooth neck bands,
Profhilo collagen boosting, deep hydration treatment and specialised dermal filler lifting and smoothing techniques.
We are specialised in the MD Codes method of facial lifting technique using premium UK dermal fillers

Prices starting from: £300

Cosmetic Surgery - Nose Reshaping

Non surgical nose reshaping using using premium UK brands of dermal filler by our advanced level Nurse Practitioner
Treatment to subtly adjust nose shape - this treatment an be enhanced with botulinum toxin-A injection to relax the nose tip for a subtle lift

Prices starting from: £300

Dermatologist - Acne

Remedial skin care treatments to reduce acne breakouts
Treatments to support skin undergoing Acne medication treatment
Treatment for acne related problems on the face, back or chest
Extraction of blackheads included
We work with a variety of specialised skin peels for all types of acne, oily skin, acne scarring or blemish marks
LED light therapy for acne reduction

Prices starting from: £90

Skincare - Microdermabrasion

Crystal or diamond tip microdemabrasion skin exfoliation treatment

Prices starting from: £85

Skincare - Pigmentation Removal

Treatments to reduce uneven skin tones, fade pigmentation, age spots or blemish marks
Treatments include skin care, microneedling and skin peels

Prices starting from: £100

Trichology - Hair Loss

Microneedling treatment to stimulate the scalp, reducing hair loss and promote healthy hair growth
We incorporate Calecim professional Advanced Hair stem cell serum with Dermalux LEd light therapy

Prices starting from: £150

Trichology - Psoriasis

Dermalux Tri Wave LED light therapy is medically certificated treatment for psoriasis

Prices starting from: £40




Diploma in Aromatherapy
Diploma in Colon Hydrotherapy
Diploma in Advanced Skincare



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