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Find a fertility clinic near you and receive consultation on how to treat your fertility problems from a qualified professional. Whether you’re interested in pursuing IVF or seeking a course of medicine to treat a health condition affecting your fertility, find a clinic that suits your needs with My Health Assistant.

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What you need to know about fertility treatments


Conceiving children doesn’t always come easily, and the risk of fertility problems increases with age. However, modern medicine helps to alleviate the challenges on prospective parents, with a range of viable fertility treatments available for both men and women that can materially impact the chances of conception.

There are three main types of fertility treatment: medicine, surgery, and assisted conception. Medicinal treatments include the use of clomifene to encourage ovulation in women who don’t ovulate regularly, metformin to mitigate the effects of polycystic ovary syndrome, and gonadotrophins to improve fertility in men. 

Surgical fertility procedures are designed to investigate and operate on fertility problems such as blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, fibroids, and epididymal blockages. Finally, assisted conception treatments include alternative methods to conceive, and include IVF and egg and sperm donation. Which fertility treatment will help improve your chances of conceiving children depends on your unique circumstances, which a visit to a fertility clinic can help to illuminate. 

Couples might consider booking an appointment with their GP if they are struggling to conceive after a year of trying, or after the diagnosis of one of the above conditions. Your GP will typically ask about your lifestyle, general health, and medical history, and might refer you directly to a fertility specialist if they believe it can help.

The medical professionals at a fertility clinic, often including specialist reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, sonographers, and nurses, will be best positioned to help you to understand and overcome your fertility issues.

If you’re looking for the right fertility clinic to investigate problems you’re having with conception, browse options in your area with My Health Assistant.