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Find a maths tutor near you for bespoke learning support with mathematics at any level. Whether for yourself or your child, maths tutoring can help overcome knowledge barriers or difficulties from the basics through to degree-level. Search for a suitable tutor for your needs with My Health Assistant today.

What you need to know about maths tutoring


Mathematics is one of the big three subjects in the English curriculum, along with English and science. It’s a constant feature in formal learning environments from primary school through to GCSE level, and is regularly one of the most chosen subjects at A-Level, too. It’s also a popular subject at university, and learning can extend all the way through to PhD level. 

Aside from being an important subject in its own right, maths knowledge is also an essential component of other subjects like physics, computer science, and economics. Being such a foundational yet expansive topic, there’s a lot to learn about maths. And while it comes intuitively to some, for others it can be a difficult subject to understand fully, especially at an advanced stage.

If you or your child are struggling with maths at any level, one potential option to make progress is to make use of a professional maths tutor. These are subject matter experts, often qualified to a high level in mathematics and highly experienced in delivering tailored courses of learning that suit their pupils.

After having an initial meeting, your chosen maths tutor will likely put together a programme of lessons that will focus on your weaknesses, helping you to overcome the parts of the curriculum that you find most challenging and preparing you for future examinations. Their lessons will also typically be delivered in a form that suits your style of learning, providing a bespoke approach that maximises the value. 

Maths tutoring can be delivered in person or over the internet, one-to-one or in groups. You can also decide along with your tutor how regularly to have sessions, depending on your specific needs. The most important thing to remember when searching for a maths tutor is to find someone with experience teaching at your level, whether that’s KS1 or PhD, and to check their reputation to ensure they’re a good fit for your learning style.

Whether it’s algebra, geometry, statistics, mechanics, or another part of your maths studies that you’re struggling with, find a tutor that suits you with My Health Assistant.